Sodium Humate


Sodium Humate

Sodium Humate Fertilizer is 100% water soluble organic fertilizer.It’s rich in humic acid,can used as soil ameliorator, plant growth regulator,feed additives and wood stain.


Product Name 9016-2 Sodium Humate Shiny Powder 9017-2 Sodium Humate Shiny Flake
Appearance Black Shiny Powder Black Shiny Flake
Size     40-60 mesh -
Water Soluble 100% 100%
Humic Acid 60-65% 60-65%
PH 9-11 9-11


Sodium Humate Used As Coloring Agent

Sodium Humate can be used as dyes, low cost, effective, environmentally friendly, belong to environmentally-friendly wood furniture satin. It improves the fastness and at the same time eliminates the penetration of toxic substances into wastewater.

The basic coloring component is humic acid. Besides good-fastness coloring effects, it can help improve physical characteristics, regulate moisture of final product, also help prevent uncontrolled coagulation, improve purity of waster water.

Our Sodium Humate Wood Stain is a product designed for protecting wooden surfaces and giving them a decorative finish. 

Wooden staining can be used to obtain the desired colour, to accentuate the natural beauty and texture of the wood, to imitate precious wood or conceal blue stain damage and other defects.

Sodium humate wood stain is uded for protective purposes. The stains for surfaces indoors help to prevent yellowing caused by the UV radiation; The stains for surfaces outdoors also protect the wood from the adverse effects of weather.