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Company Profile

Jiangxi Jincheng Chemical Packing Co.,Limited was established in 1989, which is the one of leading ...



Jincheng Chemical Packing Co.,Limited located in Jiangxi province of China, we have 3 workshops for the ceramic, metal, plastic tower packings and 1 workshop for the molecular sieve production, and have a office building in the central of our factory....


Production equipment

Production equipment including: injection molding maching for plastic tower packings, furnace for ceramic tower packings, punching machine for metal tower packings etc....

Company News

  • Kuwait Client visiting

    Kuwait Client visiting

    On Dec. 7th, 2017, Kuwait client has visited our factory in Pingxiang, our General manager Mr. Liu, sales manager Tracy have shown our workshop of the Ceramic balls, Molecular Sieves and also the plastic tower packings to him. Before the visiting, our negociation about the price have been finished, this time we gave him all the samples for the interested item, so when the samples have been tested, we will have a good cooperation together. Wish the both of our companies will have the good business in the year 2018!!

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  • Samples display center ready

    Samples display center ready

    Jincheng samples display center have been ready, now we have the samples in our Shenzhen office for all types of products, including the different sizes available, welcome customers to visit us in Shenzhen office also in our factory in Jiangxi province.

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  • Shenzhen Jincheng Chemical Packing Co.,Limited

    Shenzhen Jincheng Chemical Packing Co.,Limited

    In order to do the better service to our customers, we have registered a branch company in Shenzhen City of Guangdong Province.

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